Our facility offers a wide range of services for the local community.

Please see the below links to the companies that operate here and what we offer. 


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About Us  


Hillsborough Arena is registered charity which opened in 1998 with the help of lottery funding. We are a community recreational and social centre that is owned, managed and used by the people of the local area. 


Developing what was a rundown area with a high crime rate into a safe, attractive and positive environment. Initially the facility was designed for sport and physical activity for the community, including local schools who had limited facilities, but from the outset there was a commitment to support a broader range of community activity. 


The venue has undergone many changes during the last few years, not only in its appearance but also in the way that we serve our community. As a charity, we receive no government funding so In order to cover our running costs and make our facility affordable to community groups we subsidise their fees buy hiring out our facility at the weekends for private family parties. 


The Park View - (HASA Enterprises CIC)


The Park View is a community interest company set up to support the Arena in order to run and manage the room hire and conferencing facilities and is the main source of income at Hillsborough Arena. It provides a fully licensed bar and cafe and delivers over 300 amazing events each year ranging from children’s parties and baby showers, through to wedding ceremonies and evening receptions and a space for huge conference, exhibition and festivals. 


All commercial activities (mainly private family parties/weddings etc) are restricted to weekends and generates income to maintain facilities and subsidise community usage Monday-Friday.


Sapphire Project


Welcome to the Sapphire Project, where we offer a diverse and inclusive range of daytime and evening experiences tailored for adults with learning disabilities. Our mission is to provide enriching activities that go above and beyond what individuals may typically encounter in their daily lives or at other venues.

At the heart of our program, we prioritize engaging in visual and culinary arts, immersing in the world of performing arts, savoring live musical performances, nurturing artisanal gardening skills, promoting environmental awareness, and organizing exciting outings that foster connections with both the wonders of natural history and the warmth of our local community.




Welcome to Inspired Homecare, where compassionate care is our core mission. We understand the importance of your well-being and are dedicated to providing exceptional homecare services that go beyond the ordinary.

In addition to our personalized homecare solutions, we offer a specialized day program for the elderly, creating a safe and nurturing environment where seniors can thrive, engage, and enjoy each day to the fullest. Our committed team is focused on creating meaningful experiences and fostering a supportive community for our elderly participants.

Furthermore, we provide one-on-one consultations to tailor our care services precisely to your unique needs and preferences. At Inspired Homecare, we're here to inspire, support, and ensure your well-being while maintaining the highest standards of care. Welcome to a world where compassionate homecare takes center stage.


Inspirations Sheffield


Welcome to Inspirations, Sheffield's premier day service dedicated to empowering adults with learning disabilities. We are passionate about curating a diverse array of daytime and evening experiences that are thoughtfully designed to enhance the lives of our valued members.

At Inspirations, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional activities that break free from the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the world of visual and culinary arts, explore the enchanting realms of performing arts, revel in the joy of live music, cultivate your gardening skills with artisanal flair, deepen your environmental consciousness, and embark on captivating outings that connect you with the beauty of natural history and the thriving local community here in Sheffield. Join us and discover the extraordinary within the everyday.




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