Carboot 2019





June 2nd, 9th & 16th 





100 Spaces
Cars £8, Vans £10
No cars before 7.00am

(on the day price cars Cars - £9 Vans - £11)

Tickets are available from our office

These events take place in order to raise much needed funds for our charity. The selling of crisps drinks and sweets is in direct competition to our own fundraising efforts and therefore not allowed on this site.

Things you might not know about us:
· Hillsborough Arena is a registered charity.
· All of the staff you see outside are volunteers.
. All money raised is invested in our facilities.

We are hoping that the money we make this summer from our car boots will pay for much needed renovation work on our 5 a side pitch.

During this last year we have provided a base for 12 junior clubs, 2 disability clubs and 6 older peoples groups. If we didn’t subsidise these clubs most of them would not exist.

Let us make your event a success

Looking for the perfect venue?  Contact our events co-ordinator today who will assist you every step of the way.


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